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What You Should And Should Not Do While Watching Cherry Blossoms
18 March,18 18:18

This is now the cherry blossom season over Japan. Are you planning to go to one of a spot for enjoying this beautiful scene? Do you know what you should do and should not do in order to have fun with local people? If not, keep reading this article, it is for you. 

First of all, what you need to do is:
Researching The Blooming Periods of Cherry Blossom
Different regions have different Cherry blossom periods. Generally, cherry would bloom earlier in warm regions, such as:

- Naha in Okinawa, the predicted cherry blossom period starts from 10 January and full bloom is 30 January, 2018. 

- Osaka and Tokyo, the predicted cherry blossom period starts in the middle of March and full bloom is around the end of March, 2018. 

- Hokkaido, it starts at the end of April and full bloom in the beginning of May, 2018.

If you would like to have more accurate information, please visit the following webpage:

Furthermore, I make a "Don't Do These" list and "Do These" list for you. 

Don't Do These:

Don't Place Any Picnic Mats Cover The Roots of Trees
Placing picnic mats cover the roots of trees would hurt the trees. Tourists should also keep away from the trunks of trees. 

Don't Touch Flowers
Don't touch flowers, you would kill them! 

Beautiful flowers are for watching, not for neither touching nor picking. Protecting beautiful things for you and for others is a good practice. Even you would like to take a nice photo to post on your Facebook or Twitter page, touching or picking flowers is improper way. A nice photo isn't consisted of selffish and inappropriate behaviours. 

Don't Drink Too Much
Watching the beautiful scene,  drinking under cherry trees, how enjoyable it is. 

But!~ Drunken visitors are irritating, they would make other people nervous. Be a well-behaved visitor, drinking moderately.

Do These:

Reserving A Nice Spot Earlier
In the cherry blossom period, favourite locations would be usually full of people. Thus, you should go to the location earlier to reserve a place for your Sakura party. Generally, there is no any restrictions to reserve a place in person, but you should make sure you can do it before you go.

Checking The Facilities And Park Rules
If you would like to have a barbecue or nabe(hotpot) at a park, you should check the park rules if you are allowed to do so. If not, you should go with your cooked meals.

Also, you should check any toilets and other facilities nearest to your spot for the purpose of convenience.
Cleaning Up And Taking your Trash Out with You
After you finished your Sakura party, you must tidy up the place and take your trash out with you, in order to keep the environment clean.

Checking The Schedule of The Last Train or Bus
This point is very important but it is very easy to be ignored! 

Have a nice Sakura tour!

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