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How to Drive in Japan
13 March,18 15:36

It is now very common to drive in Japan while traveling. Despite drivers in Japan commonly have excellent driving manners, foreigners still need to take notice of the driving rules and laws which may differ from your own country.

There are some basic rules you have to know prior planning to have a drive-journey to Japan.

Applying the International Driving License
Remember to apply the Internatinal driving license in your own country before your trip.

In Japan, the steering wheels are on the right in vehicles, this means, you need to drive on the left.

Waiting For Turning Right At Intersections
When you prepare to turn right at an intersection, you need to stop at the center of an intersection, make sure no any vehicles are coming straight or turning left before going across there. 

Speed Limits
On the ordinary roads without speed signs, the maximum speed is 60 km/h. On express roads, the maximum speed is 100 km/h. Keep it in mind that you should drive slowly in urban areas, it should be around 30-40 km/h.

Restriction of Entering Opposing Lanes

When you see yellow lines on the road, this means, you are not allowed to enter the opposing lanes. Thus, don't take over any vehicles by entering this kind of areas.

Also, if you see this kind of signs,

you are not allowed to enter opposing lanes for taking over vehicles.

Position of Traffic Lights
If you are from Hong Kong, Australia and Britain, you must be familiar to stop at traffic lights before the entrance of an intersection. In Japan, traffic lights are at the exit of intersection. So, you have to stop at the Stop-line before an intersection.

Stop At Red Lights
Stop! When you see the red lights on. Don't make left turn at this moment.

Green arrow light
When green arrow lights are on, you can follow the green arrow light direction to go along the road. 

Watch Out Pedestrains While Turning Left
Despite you make a left turn according to the green traffic light, you also have to watch out pedestrains crossing the road because the traffic lights for pedestrains are also green.

Stop Sign

Memory the stop sign tightly! When you see the stop sign, you have to full stop your vehicle.

Seat Belt
In Japan, everyone has to fasten a seat belt.

Children under 6-year old must sit in a child seat which fits his age. Thus, when you rent a car, you also need to rent a child seat.

Don't Drink And Drive
Be a responsible driver, don't drive after drink!

Having a drive-journey in Japan is a great idea, but you really have to understand and remember the rules and laws of driving. In Japan, you always need to stay alert for oncoming vehicles in the opposite direction lanes when you are going to turn right at an intersection. On the other hand, you need to be careful pedestrains while making left turn even the green traffic lights are on. You need to search as more information as possible to learn how to drive in Japan on internet or buy a reference book.

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